Richland Washington Recreation

Although the smallest of the three communities that make up the Tri-Cities area in Washington, Richland is certainly not short on recreation, activities, attractions, or entertainment. No matter what brings you to Richland—business, pleasure, vacation, family, real estate—you’ll find plenty to see and do during your stay there, from its active wine industry, outdoor activities, and natural attractions to golf and professional sports.

Outdoor Activities

For the outdoor enthusiast, Richland offers a wide variety of relaxing and exciting activities. Water activities and sports, from boating, canoeing, and kayaking to waterskiing and fishing, are a main attraction in this Tri-Cities community in the warmest months, particularly due to Richland’s proximity to the Columbia River and Yakima River convergence.  Multi-season activities include hiking, game hunting, and waterfowl hunting, and in the mild winter months, snow skiing and snowshoeing are also enjoyed. Richland is also home to many beautiful parks, where locals and tourists can enjoy the scenery and views, take a nice leisurely stroll, and simply enjoy some time outdoors.

Natural Attractions

Don’t leave Richland before taking some time to see some of its awesome natural attractions and wonders. First, the Badger Mountain Centennial Preserve should not be missed. A favorite of both Richland residents and guests, this preserve provides gorgeous, unparalleled views of both the Tri-Cities area as well as the Columbia, Snake, and Yakima Rivers when you climb up the new trail built to the summit. Although closed to the public, the Arid Lands Ecology Reserve is an important part of Richland’s natural attractions, preserved as not only a wildlife reserve but also an environmental research area. This reserve remains the last large portion of intact shrub-steppe habitat in the entire Pacific Northwest.

If you travel just north of Richland, you’ll find the Hanford Reach, the Columbia River’s last free-flowing stretch before it hits Canada, which is renowned for its beautiful landscape, gorgeous scenery, and fantastic salmon fishing, and flows right through the famous Hanford Reach National Monument. Also, the Yakima River delta is another Richland natural attraction that acts as a wooded shrub-steppe habitat for many birds and other animals.

Golf and Sports

Golf is one of Richland’s most popular and favorite sports and activities for Richland residents and guests alike. Richland offers the perfect, mild climate for golfers of all ages and skill levels—seasoned pros, golfing novices, and recreational golfers—and there are three different golf courses within the city, each offering a unique landscape and set-up, and each designed for different golfing skill levels. If you’d like to get more than just a taste of golf during your stay in Richland, consider visiting all seven attractive and challenging courses within the Tri-Cities area.

Many professional sports players and participants as well as sports lovers and fans enjoy Richland because of its proximity to professional sports teams found in the Tri-Cities region: the Tri-Cities Fever indoor football team and the Tri-City Americans WHL ice hockey team in Kennewick, as well as the Tri-City Dust Devils single-A baseball team in Pasco. The Dust Devils are affiliated with the Colorado Rockies